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SIMONE LINEHAN, artist, illustrator, graphic designer

Hi there, I'm Simone Linehan, but call me Sim! I've worked as a graphic designer since 1988 and drawn since I could hold a pencil. I am a practising artist and illustrator who adores sharing what I've learnt over the years with like-minded souls.

I opened 'Big Shed Little Shed Art Classes' for both women and children in 2009 with a dear friend at my home in Ironbank. After selling the property I founded the 'Hubert and Mavis' art studio at Parkside. The studio has recently found its new home in the lovely, leafy suburb of Hawthorndene. My passion is for all visual creativity plus my love of people, their visual stories, watching them grow artistically and nurturing them through the process.

I'm currently studying Art Therapy (and loving it to bits!) and will offer one-on-one and group art therapy sessions in late 2018. 

My 'shed' has now been converted into a comfy, peaceful art studio with the amazing help of my beautiful family. It's been quite the process and I have learned a lot along the way including how much fun a circular saw is! Slideshow below if you'd like to have a squiz.

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SARAH WARD, teacher, visual artist

Hey there, my name is Sarah and I am a self-professed lover and enthusiast of all things Art! 

I live locally in the Adelaide Hills and come from a Visual Arts background, completing Bachelors degrees at Underdale and Primary Teaching at Flinders University respectively. Over the last ten years I have had a variety of teaching roles, most recently specialising in art teaching which I absolutely adore. I have worked alongside both children and adults in various creative spaces, teaching lessons, programming, facilitating community projects and generally doing my best to embrace mess! 

I am a passionate advocate for the inclusion of Visual Arts in primary schools (and daily life) and feel strongly that every living, breathing soul is a creative being and can benefit from exploring the visual arts in some way big or small! 

All creative endeavours involve a level of persistence, patience and problem solving…visual arts is no different! With this said, it is a wonderful way of seeing where our hands, hearts and minds can take us. Sometimes beginning is the hardest part but it’s about building on skills, getting a feel for and exploring mediums and developing the confidence to ‘have a go’. I really look forward to sharing my skills with your child and encouraging them on their creative journey.

Art Sessions

Why do I call them 'art sessions' and not 'art classes'? I think it comes from my personal lack of love of school days even though I LOVE learning now. Sessions feel more fun, journey-based and less pressure to achieve goals in a specific time frame... I think we all have enough pressure in our lives already! In saying that, as a participating Hubert and Mavis artist you will achieve your goals and learn loads in a relaxing, enjoyable, non-judgemental way and environment at your own pace. 

I love to facilitate women's sessions as I believe women tend do a lot for others and quite often not as much for ourselves. If we give ourselves 'permission' to recharge it's been my experience that we are much better for everyone else and feel more satisfied with ourselves and day-to-day life. A little time out, relaxation and looking after yourself through creative expression with a like minded tribe is not a luxury, it's fundamental to your emotional wellbeing. Life is to be enjoyed, enriched and the sisterhood is so powerful and loving. 

I look very forward to opening up sessions in Term 3 for children and teens also. Our intuitive creative little teachers that haven't forgotten the art of play yet! I wish to encourage them to always enjoy the process, to experiment, to stay free and true to themselves as they learn creative technique, unique style and problem solving.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso

I've facilitated many creative sessions for businesses that may not have the opportunity to flex their visual creative muscle often. It's a wonderful way to bond, team build and create together.  Sessions for up to 10 participants (women and men) are available on Friday afternoons 2pm-5pm with afternoon tea included. Get in touch for more information.

I look forward to seeing you all soon. My sessions are not limited to what you see on this site, please get in touch if you have questions about birthday parties, hens' and girls' gatherings, workshops and more.

If you'd like to know more about me you can visit my visual artist / graphic design website here: