Lovely words from Hubert and Mavis student artists

Good fun, good tutor, learn heaps in a relaxed friendly environment.

I would highly recommend the Hubert and Mavis Art Session - Sim explained the concepts well, especially for a beginner like myself! Suzanne

Thank you for a creative and inspiring day! Victoria

Simone was great, she took us through the process and we came out with masterpieces! Stacey

Such a great opportunity to try new materials, techniques and get quality feedback and guidance about my artwork. Chelsea

Thanks Sim! Was an awesome, creative, messy and relaxing way to spend a Tuesday morning. Already counting down the days 'til next class. Fiona

Thank you for the exciting fun day.  The different experiments with ink, charcoal, crayon, etc were fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was engrossed in my own little world of white paper and things. I can't wait to draw, paint or whatever, some of those little critters. I am enthralled by them all! You have a great personality to do this work! Aileen

I have thoroughly enjoyed both the collage and abstract art workshops I’ve attended so far this year. After a period of not going to art classes I’ve enjoyed challenging myself to try new ways of exploring my artistic expression.  In particular, your teaching style and the atmosphere of the classes, have enabled me to reconnect with my intuitive creativity. Trusting my heart and gut. In the past I’ve been inspired by other artists and copied their styles.  H&M has redirected me onto a new way of creating which has inspired me to experiment at home (I’ve already repainted an old canvas and I’m exploring with my left over paper).  I believe that my previous art tutor, Pam, would be watching me with a great big smile on her face, saying “you go girl”. I love the fact that participants are my own age, rather than me being 20 years younger than everyone else, and even though we are working on our own projects we support and encourage each other. Thank you Sim for your enthusiasm, encouragement and openness. Lyn

I’ve found this course extremely relaxing, and have really enjoyed the company of the other women. The time slot was tricky but not impossible for me.  I felt that the length of the eight week course needed to be a little shorter – in saying this, if I didn’t have work commitments I’d be happy to keep going all year! The atmosphere was positive and relaxing.  Sim created an environment that was non-threatening and supportive, and inspired and encouraged us along our paths to artistic happiness.  I will finish feeling that I have both the knowledge, and a system to work with to continue to create. Michelle

My kids did a class in the holidays (which they loved) and meeting Simone in the Hubert and Mavis studio that day was the only enticement I needed to enrol in her drawing class. I hadn’t made time for art since I left high school – 25 years ago!  It was so liberating to give myself permission to sit down for two hours each week and draw. Simone is a wonderful teacher, who has the ability to bring out the best in each of her students. I am grateful to her for helping me discover how to be creative again.  I will definitely be re-enrolling again next term. Julie

Thank you for giving me the courage to like myself and do what’s on my heart/soul. Schammy

Thank you Sim for your warm heart, creative inspiration and such a nurturing artistic experience…just what I needed to restore balance and nourish the spirit. Brilliant. Marisa

Art at Hubert and Mavis is like going on holidays. You can relax unwind and enjoying being in the moment. Sim makes every art experience unique and her studio is a magical place to indulge in developing your creative talents. Thank you Sim for a beautiful day. Ali

Ah, Sim, your classes have been bliss! I have, of course, learned so much technically and practically - such as learning to see (observation), shading, and using a wide range of art materials and tools - but I’ve also learned a great deal about letting go and the value and importance of self expression. So much so, that I’ve recognised where I’ve been holding back in my other creative endeavours and, as such, I’m approaching this work in new ways, too. I’ve loved being around the women who are drawn to you and your classes, which are exciting, fun, creative and freeing. The conversation - as well as the ink, paint and expression - flows. I have found myself leaping out of bed on Tuesday morning, so excited to be heading to the haven that is Hubert and Mavis. Through your classes, you have helped me to see possibilities. I don’t think it’s at all dramatic to say that I feel a sense of liberation. Thank you so much for your wonderful classes and happy, creative and arty space. Tia

Sadly we lost our dear Tia earlier this 2018 to cancer. I hope her family doesn't mind me keeping her testimonial here, it reminds me of her golden brilliance that shone every time she walked in the door. I will be holding a tribute art session this year in celebration of beautiful Tia's life cut short. Tia, you brought so much into the studio, more than you could have ever imagined. Your smile, heart and divine soul will never be forgotten. Sim x

I am sitting here having a lovely cup of coffee with my gorgeous new Hubert and Mavis mug (personalised with my name) and I would like you to know I had a most enjoyable four weeks. I loved my short time learning new techniques and working with so many different medias and textures. Great teacher and so I loved being part of your class.
"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope which is what I do and that enables you to laugh at life's realities." Dr Seuss
My thoughts exactly and this is why I love your Expressions of Art classes - as I gulp down my last mouthful of coffee, I thank you so much. Trina